Time and location: Friday, 1 June 2018 | 14.30 - 16.00  | Arnold 1

Roundtable Moderator:

Dr. Katarina Krapež, University of Primorska, Slovenia

Roundtable will focus on the issue of accessibility of published scientific articles, specifically on the role of the editor to ensure the availability of such content to end users.   

Structure & Topics: The contemporary scientific community faces significant challenges in balancing the interests of the stakeholders in academic journal publishing: scientists/researchers (as authors, editors, and reviewers), publishers, libraries (and derivatives, e.g. repositories, on-line archives), and the general public. When comparing either market share or the number of reputable journals a small group of commercial conventional publishers dominate the market. In the last 30 years, the price of subscriptions to scientific journals in print and electronic versions has significantly increased, forcing libraries to reduce the volume of subscriptions. The revolt against publishers’ oligopoly has resulted in the emergence of alternative journal publication models (open, hybrid). However, the tendency towards open science has been somewhat overshadowed by the rise of predatory publishers. By offering almost unlimited publication space, coupled with little or non-existent quality assurance protocols (i.e. editorial checks, peer review), these publishers have taken advantage of the academic ‘publish or perish’ paradigm. Consequently, the academic community’s call for a fundamental worldwide reform of the scholarly communication system has never been louder.

In a panel discussion the editors will be invited to share their views and experience in regard to:

  • The choice of the publication model of the journal (open, closed, hybrid) and its implications for a scientific community as a whole (and its individual members)
  • Opportunities and risks of the digitalization of the scientific journals (in relation to the oppeness of the content)
  • Ways to accelerate a global shift towards accessible and transparent scholarly communication

Invited Audience: The roundtable is intended for all who are interested in behind the scenes happenings in editorial boards of scientific journals. Useful tips can expect both young authors as well as experienced writers or editors. 

The following international journals are going to be presented:

  • Economic Research – Ekonomska istraživanja, Editor Dr. Dean Sinković
  • International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning, Advisory Editor Dr. Nada Trunk Širca
  • Review of Innovation and Competitiveness, Dr. Dean Sinković
  • Journal of the New Economic Association/Zhournal Novoi Ekonomicheskoi Associacii, Deputy Editor-in-Chief Dr. Mikhail Yu. Golovnin
  • Management and Production Engineering Review, Guest Editor Dr. Josu Takala
  • Management, Editor Dr. Štefan Bojnec
  • Managing Global Transitions, Editor Dr. Maja Meško
  • ToKnowPress - International Academic Publisher, Editor Editor Dr. Nada Trunk Širca

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